How do I create a Separate Welcome Flow for Vend Subscribers

  • 2 September 2021
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Hi folks, 

I’m very new to Klaviyo, and I’m trying to make things easier not harder. (I’m not sure how successful this is right now 🤦‍♀️)

We have the usual pop ups and signs up set up to add to our newsletter list but in our Cellar Door shopfront we use the Vend software - So once a week I’ll be manually adding these subscribers to our list. (unless there is a magic integration i’m yet to find)


As they have come direct from our cellar door I’d like to still do a welcome series but i’d like it to be different to the one that organic subscribers see (specifically because they wont be getting a discount)


What’s the best way for me to upload these people and have a separate flow?  Is it creating a separate list and then adding them to campaigns or should I segment somehow?  It’s all bit overwhelming.





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Hi @Tash Wines


Welcome to the Community Forum! We are so happy to have you here, thanks for sharing your question with us! 


I totally understand that first starting with Klaviyo can be overwhelming and you need some support! That’s exactly why the Community Forum exists! Here we can share our questions to see if anyone else has found solutions or workarounds to try, while also sharing with other users what’s been going well so we can help others along the same journey.


I have good news! While Vend is not officially supported or an in-house integration we offer, you can Integrate your Custom Platform with Klaviyo so the information can send to us via API, instead of manually uploading information! As for your options on how to separate these two sets of subscribers for different Welcome Flow experiences, your options can vary based on data source information available and your personal preferences.


For instance, are both the signups forms and third-party data connected to one list and you’d rather keep the subscribers in one main list? You can create a  Conditional Split in your Welcome Flow and send different customers down different paths depending on if they meet or don’t meet the condition of the split: i.e. whether or not they’re being sourced from the signup form or Vend. This will ensure only your one set of customers will receive a discount. 


Additionally, if you want to keep your subscribers on the same main list, but know specifically who’s coming over from Vend, I would segment this portion of your subscribers based on the Logic “If someone is in Newsletter” AND “source equals ______ (your third party data, not signup form). Since segments, dynamically pull anyone who meets this criteria, you could create a Segment-Triggered Flow based on this Vend subscribers, thus creating a different Welcome Flow then your organic subscribers. 



As a final option, if you want to go down the route of having two separate list-triggered Flows, you could split your Subscriber list in half and connect one Welcome Flow to a List connected to your signup form and another Welcome Flow connected to your List of subscribers that come over via API, your Vend subscribers. 


Please share which option you choose based on your business goals and how it works out for you! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community!