How do I delete double opt in subscription with Shopify intergration?

  • 9 January 2024
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Hey everyone :) I’m trying to set up my Shopify/Klaviyo integration in a way where if someone places an order they automatically get added to my email list. However in the test runs of order placements I just did, customers are getting a “Please confirm your subscription” email following the order confirmation. 

I have checked on Shopify notification settings and the double opt in is definitely off, and I can’t find a setting anywhere on Klaviyo to turn this off. Could someone please point me in the right direction? 

Thanks in advance! 


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Hi @anastasijagav 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and thank you for your question.

This option is within Klaviyo and the corresponding List the customers are assigned too. To remove the double opt in, navigate to Lists & Segments, select the List, then select Settings at the top and choose Consent on the left hand side. Here you can change the Opt-in Process. 

Here is also an article on Double Opt-In for more information:




Awesome thank you so much this is exactly what I was looking for! Great to know where it is now :)

Hi there, 


I was wondering, I have recently integrated klaviyo to my shopify website and now when someone purchases the opt in subscribe gets turned on? I read the above and I cant see a list where new purchases are to remove this? 


I created a new segment / list of purchases and checked the settings and nothing shows up under settings? 


Thanks in advance! 


This is the email they get after a purchase 



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Hey @Alenka Blair 

Check out this Help Center article on syncing your Shopify signups to a Klaviyo list.  Will walk you through the steps to make sure you have everything setup correctly and where to check what list this should be connected to.

Hope this helps!