How do I exclude site users from profiles

  • 9 April 2021
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How can I exclude site users from getting added to the profiles? The site is running Woocommerce and Wordpress. Anytime an admin logs in, their activity is tracked, and a profile is added. I don’t need to track site admins & certain other user roles.


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Hi @evergreencandleco,


There are 2 main ways that profiles are created in your account:

  • A user abandons their checkout/places an order or
  • A user subscribes through a signup form that’s routed to a list in Klaviyo

If the Woocommerce integration is enabled, we are unable to prevent new profiles from being created in the account. A major benefit to using the Klaviyo-Woocommerce integration is that we can gain insights into customer activity in order to personalize and tailor communication specific to the user.

With at being said, you do have the ability to create a list or segment of users and suppress them so that they are no longer eligible to receive email communication and you are no longer billed for their profiles. Once a profile is suppressed in Klaviyo, we are unable to unsuppress them. The only way a user will be able to become an active/emailable contact is if they resubscribe through a signup form.


I hope this helps!


Thanks. Is the best way to add the users to the suppression list just to have the admins log on to WordPress and then go into Klaviyo and add each email to the suppressed list manually?

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Hi @evergreencandleco ,


Thanks for your question, happy to jump in here!


To grab these profiles you are looking to suppress, I would suggest creating a segment. You could create this by writing a segment that includes a specific date frame of being first active, and if they are on your list or not. May I suggest something similar to this?



You can periodically do this and select your own date range, and of course swap out Newsletter for your main list. You’d then periodically export this segment and bulk suppress them


I hope this helps!




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Hi @evergreencandleco,

Thank you for your reply!

As @julie.accardo correctly pointed out, we do not have a way to prevent these users from syncing to Klaviyo. However, it sounds like you are simply looking to suppress a handful of profiles. In this case, you are absolutely correct with your suggestion to add the users to the suppression list manually.

This can be achieved by navigating to Profiles > Suppressed Profiles. Select Add Email Address (top-right hand corner) and enter the email address for suppression. Here is a direct link to that page. I recommend using this method for these admin profiles. 

Thanks and have a great day.


Thanks, that will work.