How do I get all my profiles to one list?

  • 3 July 2023
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I have one main list in my account.

Almost half my profiles are not on this list.  They are on no list. 

I want everyone to be on one list.


The only sources of profiles in my account are a signup form on my website and the profiles I imported when I switched from our previous email software and joined klaviyo. 


How do i get everyone on the main list?



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Hi @GBotanicals from my understanding, every profile should automatically be associated with a list, can you send a screenshot of what a profile looks like without being on a list? That will help me come up with ideas. for example you could export everyone and then import everyone to a list. But another option could be to create a segment with a very generic definition, something like the below:




 I followed your suggestion and created a segment for everyone “not suppressed for email”.  then i converted that segment to a list.  did a spot check on profiles to make sure people were on both lists and then deleted the old list.  worked perfectly. 


I was really hung up trying to figure that one out.

thank you!



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Do you have the integration with your eCommerce platform adding them to a list when the users subscribe? There is a checkbox that needs to be checked. It will look like the below. 

Here is the walkthrough for Shopify



You will always have profiles in your Klaviyo account of people who are not on any list because Klaviyo pulls in all profiles, whether they’ve consented to email marketing or not. 


When you create a segment to identify who should be on your marketing list, make sure you add the condition properties about someone > accepts marketing is true. 


The list is essentially how you identify marketing vs. transactional subscribers. 


Note: I’m quoting Shopify here but directions are similar for all platforms.