How do I get Custom Properties Data?

  • 3 August 2021
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Created a flow to ask subscribers what type of movies  they want to see for a new movie theater client. Flow works and it has collected data on 2 new subscribers.

How can I get that data so it is easy to see? I can do a CSV export but it doesn’t do the 8 categories into individual columns so the data is very hard and time consuming to view?

Tried to do it thru App - TypeForm but instructions aren’t clear? It implies I do it thru Klaviyo but then it goes into creating the forms in Typeform. No matter how I do this, I can’t get any data from that App or Klaviyo segments!

This is basic data viewing - isn’t there some way within Klaviyo itself to just view that data?? Kinda in that business aren’t we!?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hey @BernieMBL - I think I know what you’re trying to do, but not quite sure if I got it 100% correctly.  When you export the CSV, it should have that field with a value that is one of your 8 categories.  However, as I understand it, you want to see some aggregation of the report, am I correct?  As in, how many people (and whom) are in Category 1, and how many people (and whom) are in Category 2 and so on…

I’m afraid to do this, you have to “process” that data though your own aggregation methods.  Typically, I would use a PivotTable in Excel or Google Spreadsheet to summarize data and drill down to information I’m looking for. 

Another way you can do this, is to create a Segment, that defines one particular Category value.  Then, clone it 7 more times and change that category value for each - that will give you 8 Segments of people of each Category value, and then you can drill in to see who they are.  More importantly, you can send emails to these different Segments!

Hopefully I got your question right and this was helpful!  If not, reply back to help us understand what type of data or report you’re trying to see.

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Hi Joseph,

Thanks so much for getting back to me…..

You’re in the right area, but doesn’t seem to be working? I am more interested in the actual # of people that want a particular category - example - 3 Romance, 2 Mystery, 10 Western…. etc. Don’t really care in the data crunching side who? If I want to send a campaign, yes, then that becomes important. However, none of the segmenting is working. I have 2 people that selected various movies. They are in their Profile “Custom Properties”.

However, when a run a segment, it comes up nobody? I’ve attached 2 pics to show what I have set up also. The first is the CSV file. Perhaps if I knew how to change that to columns for each, that would solve my problem of knowing the county of each type of movie…

The second is a portion of the segment request that comes up blank. Soooo, even if I can convert the CSV to columns, I still can’t segment to the “Western” people or the Comedy ones.

Hopefully this makes sense? It just seems rather difficult to find out what the data is from a data collecting system!! It’s real easy to set up a subscribe form asking for it, but, wow - difficult to see the results in an easy format

Thanks Joseph!



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@BernieMBL - I see what you’re trying to do now.  Ok, now that I see some sample data, and your Segment rules, here’s what I think is going on.

First, if the data is stored properly as a list type, then you should use the “Contains” matching.  I see a few “Equals” of type Text. Set all the Types to “List” and then choose “Contains” in the matching criteria. In fact, the input box should show a drop-down of all possible values.  

If that doesn’t work, try doing one rule at a time with a parameter you know exists (e.g. Western or Action) to see if it works with just one parameter instead of chaining all the OR and other parameters. There may be some other rules in the other parts of your Segment (that isn’t shown on the screenshot) that might be affecting who is coming up.  Once you got one to work, you can replicate it to other values or build a more complex OR rules like you have now.

Finally, if that doesn’t work, try to make sure your parameters you’ve selected don’t have preceding or trailing whitespaces.  “Western” vs “Western_“ vs “_Western”.  (where _ is a space)

Give that a try!

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That worked….  when I do only one property request with the “Contains” that does it…..

Soooo, I can just create a different segment for each individual movie type and run that. It supplies the names as well as the count so all good!!!!! Then, we know how many and can send emails to any category as we choose = Awesomeness

You are fabulous Joseph!!! Thanks so much…