How do i see ALL my profiles ?

  • 9 February 2022
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Hi there,

i have worked my way threw the Klaviyo Help Center and definetely learned a lot. What i still can’t find, either in the Help Center nor here in Community forum, is actually on how to view ALL my contacts in the profiles tab.

I read that you can only see the recent 50 profiles but i would like to actually scroll threw ALL of my profiles.

I use Klaviyo threw the Shopify Integration.

Maybe someone can help me out here. Would be appreciated!

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Best answer by alex.hong 10 February 2022, 01:08

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3 replies

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Hi @Urban Commerce welcome to the Community!

I'd be happy to assist!

The profiles tab will only show your first 50 active profiles. To see a full list of customers who are "active" in Klaviyo, you'd have to create a segment with the definition "is not suppressed."
Just so you know though, profiles track everyone who has been on your website whether they signed up for emails or not. So if a customer just browse the site AND they have cookies turned on for their browser, they will be added to your "profiles" tab. Customers can start a checkout, fill out their info, and have a profile created for them but never actually sign up for emails. Another example is customers who place an order but opt out of email communications during checkout so they are not added to a list. So these customers are still considered "active profiles" because they can still receive abandoned cart flow emails.

Here's a helpful article: Understanding Who is in Your Account

For customers who sign up for your newsletter list and confirm opt-in (if double opt-in is turned on), they will be added to the master list/newsletter list. These are customers who definitely want to hear from you and are the customers you should be emailing. 

Also Shopify syncs into Klaviyo but not the other way around. So a customer could share an email with a friend and that friend may then click on a link in the email or open the email and their profile will be created in Klaviyo BUT if they didn't engage with your website yet, they won't be in Shopify. Shopify syncs to Klaviyo but Klaviyo doesn't sync profiles into Shopify. 

I hope that was helpful! 


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Perfect. Thanks for clarifying. Just created a segment and i can view all my profiles now. Thank you very much Alex!

Best regards,


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My pleasure! Have a good day @Urban Commerce Laurenz!