How do you exclude people or groups from campaign analytics?

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I’d like to include all of the internal people in our company on certain external emails, but not have their opens and clicks registered when we review campaign results. Is there a way to do this?


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Hello @MichaelG,

Great question! 
At this time it is not currently possible to exclude certain emails or groupings of data to be excluded from your campaign results. Since these events did in fact occur, Klaviyo will report on the data within its analytics without a means to omit them.

However, I am aware that this is a highly sought after feature and will be sharing this feedback with our Product Team to consider as a future iteration of Klaviyo. We’ll follow up on this thread when we find out more details with any updates on this from the team.

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!


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Not 100% sure if preview emails are also counted but you could send preview emails. Create a group and then send the preview email to that group. 

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Great callout @Omar!

Sending preview emails would not actually count towards any Klaviyo analytics as they are previews and not actually “Live” sends. 

Some differences besides analytics not being tracked for preview emails versus Live send emails is that the placeholder tags - manage preference, web view, unsubscribe, etc. - would not be accessible. Similarly, when previewing emails with dynamic coupons, the coupon would not actually be generated. Instead, you would see the name of the dynamic coupon code denoted by a “Preview” suffix. 

This would be a great method to send your emails to those you do not want being tracked within your Klaviyo analytics but still be able to review your email. Keep in mind though that there are preview send limits. You can find the Klaviyo preview email limit in the chart below:

Plan size Preview email limit (per billing cycle)
Up to 5,000 profiles 1,000 preview emails
5,001 - 45,000 profiles 2,500 preview emails
45,000 - 1,000,000 profiles 10,000 preview emails
1,000,001+ profiles 25,000 preview emails


Hope this helps!



This is really a problem and having big impact on our stats. E.g. I am looking at our campaign email and then i go to shopify and do a manual order for one of our influencers…. all my orders are counted towards the campaign. Therefore benchmarks etc. are all wrong …. this should really be fixed asap.

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Hello @Andreas from Nuffinz,

I understand your concerns regarding how this situation would affect Klaviyo’s benchmark capabilities due to how manual orders would still be attributed to the most recent email opened or clicked by the purchaser. 

I really appreciate the feedback of this specific use case and will be adding it to the notes shared to our Product Team. I’ll follow up on this thread when I find out more details or am able to provide an update on this topic from the team. 

Thanks for being a member of our Klaviyo Community and providing your insight!


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I would also love to see my own profile excluded from analytics. I am my own web designer and environment tester, and therefore ALL my activity is tracked and I also get abandoned cart emails when I test certain things (great that they work!) but I would love to set myself as the owner of the account and not as a contributor to my analytics. As someone correctly pointed out, it skews the data, big time. THANKS!


It would be amazing if we could exclude customer groups or email domains from counting towards our accounts. 

Our business has multiple marketplace listings where the customer emails generated bounce, resulting in poor deliverability on flows + wasted subscription costs due to these unreachable customers being included to our account size. 


What is the likelihood Klaviyo will do something about this so I dont have to waste time continually deleting these people from our accounts on an ongoing basis?


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Hi @DaveK,

Thank you for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community.

If the users hard bounce, we will automatically suppress the profile(s) in question. If a profile is suppressed, Klaviyo does not charge for that email address. If the users are soft bouncing, the email cannot be delivered due to a temporary reason, such as a full inbox. If an email soft bounces more than 7 consecutive times, Klaviyo will suppress this address as well.

In terms of deliverability, there are a number of factors that play into whether an email is delivered including the content of the email, the subject line, your sending reputation with inbox providers, amongst others. I’m including a few threads from the community below on that topic. I also recommend searching the community because there is a lot of great information on deliverability out there:

In addition to these guides, I recommend regularly list cleaning, to ensure you are only keeping engaged and active profiles in your account. In short, this process involves bulk-suppressing a group of profiles that is inactive.

You can also achieve your goal by creating a segment based on a domain i.e. “properties about someone > email contains >“ which will pull in all users with the domain and bulk-suppress them to prevent them from receiving emails altogether (but they will still exist in your Klaviyo account).

Alternatively, instead of suppressing these users, you can use the same segment  i.e. “properties about someone > email contains >“ in the “exclude” function on your campaign send to prevent this group of users from receiving the campaign and hence prevent them from logging open/click/conversion metrics for the campaign.

In a third scenario, if you still want them to receive the campaign emails but not have it count towards the “open”, “click” or as a conversion, I recommend simply sending the campaign as a preview to this same segment. 

I am not certain if your question was about profiles in general or more specific to logging metrics for profiles in a campaign but this post speaks to both points.

While I cannot determine a likelihood for this feature, there are a number of viable workarounds depending on your end-goal. I hope that these suggestions were helpful.


Hi Dov thanks for the response however, the current options you provide are being performed currently.

What we’d like is the ability to automatically suppress/clean specific domains to avoid the task of “regular list cleaning” and reduce such users being counted towards our subscription. 

Again an ideal situation would be:

1. Enabling users to specify domains to be automatically suppressed to avoid having to increase our list sizes / subscription costs. 


  1. Enable Magento users to be able to specify which customer groups to sync with Klaviyo enabling marketplace grouped customers to not sync with Klaviyo account


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Hi @DaveK,

Thank you for the clarification.

I have filed an additional proposal for the product team to review on these points. In the meantime, I recommend continuing to operate using the methods outlined in my previous post.

Thanks and have a great rest of your week.