How to Add Segments to Newsletter

  • 20 April 2023
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We integrated Klaviyo through BigCommerce so our contacts were automatically added to Klaviyo. However, it didn’t create a single list/newsletter with the contacts, rather Klaviyo automatically created segments for the contacts. 

We DO want to have a main newsletter list with all contacts. How do we keep the current segments (which Klaviyo autogenerated) but ALSO have those contacts in our newsletter list?


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You can do this manually, either download those subscribers from your BigCommerce account and upload them to the list and also make sure that your integration is connected to the newsletter list for future subscribers or you can do this manually from Klaviyo to.. Create a master segment with definition If someone is or is not suppressed for email and bellow pick person IS NOT suppressed.. this way you will have segment of all your active subscribers and then again you can download this segment and upload to the list. Also same thing as before make sure you edit the integration to connect to your newsletter list for the future subscriptions you will have..