How to avoid fake new susbribers? Double opt-in enabled even

  • 9 April 2024
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My shopify store has the typical sign-up form, the form is linked with a Klaviyo newsletter list, and when new subscriber, Klaviyo sends a welcome mail with a discount coupon, up to here no rocket science.

The double opt-in is enabled in Shopify's notifications,  however in Klaviyo's newsletter list don't.

The problem is since some time ago there are bots subscribing and catching coupons, How is possible if the double opt-in is enable? 

Please, let me know if you had the same problem and how you fixed it.

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Best answer by bluesnapper 9 April 2024, 09:17

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3 replies

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Hi @mrosique 

It looks like you’re saying you don’t have double opt-in enabled on your Klaviyo list only on Shopify? As Klaviyo is where your subscribers are being pushed from Shopify, double opt-in needs to be enabled on that Klaviyo list for it to work. That will reduce those unwanted submissions and keep your list cleaner.

Hope that helps


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Thank you @bluesnapper for your help.

Yes, that is, but if the double opt-in is enabled also on Klaviyo the client receive two confirmation emails: one from Shopify and another from Klaviyo.

What to do?



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@mrosique Keep double opt-in enabled in Klaviyo and turn it off in Shopify! :)