How to completely remove a subscriber

  • 18 December 2020
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I have been testing subscriber webforms in Shopify and I can subscribe to a list fine.  When I do another test I remove the email address manually but I cannot subscribe again.  I have searched for the email address and it does not appear anywhere.

Can someone tell me how to completely remove a subscribers email?

It must be recorded in Klaviyo some where but I cannot find it.

Thanks in advance.



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@paulmurphy62 - If you have a Google Account, or using Gmail, one neat trick is to use the “+” trick to quickly create new emails for testing purposes.  By simply adding anything after the “+” in the prefix part of your email, Google Account / Gmail will still deliver those emails to your inbox as if it wasn’t there.

For example, if your email is , you can add “+test123” after the prefix of your email like this:  This is technically a valid “new email” but will still be routed to so you can see/receive the emails.  You can then create unlimited emails this way by just changing the value. 

For testing purposes, I like to use it to add a little “notation” like this: or a date so when I get a bunch of emails in the future, I know why or when I used that email for testing.

After you’re done testing, you probably still want to delete those profiles.  So to answer your question, you can delete and completely remove a profile by finding the profile in Klaviyo and clicking on the “Delete Profile” on the bottom right of the profile page. 

See here:

Hope this helps!


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Hey Joseph you are a legend.

Thanks so much for your explanation is has saved me a lot of surfing the internet looking for a solution to this.  Much appreciated.