How to delete supressed profiles from my Klaviyo Account

  • 26 December 2023
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Hi! i would like to delete all the suppressed profiles from the account, but I don’t see an option of deleting them. I checked that you can delete a list with the profile cleaning option. 

i tried to export the profiles into a CSV file, then make a list and then delete them with the profile cleaning option. Is there a better way to do this, there are more that 3k profiles and doing it manually its a lot. 

*When I tried to export the list I would get an error message saying: There is something wrong with our system, please try again. 


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3 replies

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Hey @oliyoliko ,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community Forums! Just taking a step back and trying to get to the bigger issue here. Why are you trying to delete suppressed profiles? 

Suppressed profiles are not counted towards your billing level so deleting them wont change the cost of Klaviyo. Plus, surpassed profiles still collect data (purchase behavior, if they opened a previous email before they were surpassed, and so forth). 

I’m just trying to figure out the use case where you would need to delete them. Let me know!



most of this supressed profiles are marked as spam, so there is no point in having them in our database, so i would like to delete them, is there a way to do it in bulk 

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@oliyoliko Hey there, yes the way you’d do that is in this tab -

If you make a segment of all suppressed contact who marked you as Spam, you’ll be able to then select that segment from the dropdown to bulk remove.

One big issue with this, this completely removes their record. So if this contact does come back in the future and maybe they do subscribe again. You’ll be emailing someone who marked you as spam in the past and may do it again once they are emailed, so just a warning there for your deliverability’s sake. That is where the benefit of keeping them in your account is, you see their entire history clearly and they are kept off your sending automatically, plus your aren’t billed for them. 

Hope that helps.