How to generate no accept email marketing email data (email address) ?

  • 6 August 2022
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How to generate no accept email marketing email data (email address) ?


i have create a accept email marketing mail for customer to confirm accept the email marketing, but can i generate have many total email address no accept the confirm email marketing ?


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Hello @JeremyLimSM,

I think it would be helpful if you could clarify your question further so other Community members can chime into the conversion, but it sounds like you’re primarily asking about contacts who have not confirmed their subscription via the double opt-in email

If so, then I think reading through our Guide to active email profiles could be helpful. One way to think about this is that all list subscribers are an active profile in your Klaviyo account (so long as they are not suppressed), but not all active profiles are list subscribers. This means that within your account, you’ll have a mix of profiles/contacts who are active profiles who have both confirmed and not confirmed their double opt-in email. 

Profiles who have subscribed to your forms and confirmed their subscription would automatically be added to the list linked to the form. On the other hand, contacts who subscribed from your form, but have not confirmed their subscription would also still be stored in your Klaviyo account under the profiles tab, but would not be automatically added to your list. 

I hope this helps!