How to get added to a safe senders list?

  • 9 July 2021
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Hi there,

How can I ask my contacts to add me to their address books? I mean add hyperlink like this one?

Thanks a lot.


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4 replies

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Hello @Lavender,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

At present, we do not have a feature to automatically add your email to users’ address books. Users would have to do action the address book add manually through their inbox provider. It is still helpful and a good practice to include the language “Add us to your address book” in your emails for deliverability purposes.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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@Lavender - Technically, those links you find in emails are simply “VCF” files (which is a file format for a vCard contact that’s commonly recognized by contact management software). 

You can recreate this yourself by generating a VCF File and uploading it somewhere on your ecommerce platform’s file storage and linking to it. Having said that, not all email clients (or platforms) support this method and its utility varies. 

Alternatively, I think mentioning to the user to add your sending email to their “contacts” works as most people know how to do this.  Or, you can simply link to a page that explains how to do this on some common email platforms. 

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@Lavender Would a (very basic) tool like this help to create a vcard :

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@Lavender I realize now that the above does not do exactly what you asked. But in combination with this, it may still be helpful.