How to get information and get it into their profile

  • 23 August 2022
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I wish to know a certain information about some of my profiles (some I already know the information about) -> specifically “role”.

Is there a smart way to get this information?

  1. Create a segment (that doesn’t have the property “role”), and send them an email, and get them to click something.
  2. How would you suggest I collect this? Create “list” -> “add a subscription page” -> “subscribe” -> create the fields with the specific values I need? Or something else..?

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Hi @Morten ,

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To help create your segments based on a profile property, for example likes: dogs, or cats, or horses etc., you can actually have people entered in a segment by setting the chosen property to be imported from a list.
For instance, you can create a List titled "Dog Lovers" and everyone who is in that list would then be put in the segment you want only dog parents to be in. Below you will see a screenshot on how to have the segment set up:
 When it comes to collecting info about customers, you could just add a form or a subscribe page. Or just use what you have done in the past.


Hope that helped,