How to Segment by Last Email Sent

  • 14 February 2024
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How do I create a segment of recipients who have not received an email within the past nn days? Not just they didn’t click or open or it didn’t get to their inbox — people who didn’t receive a message because a message was never sent to them?


Best answer by kaila.lawrence 15 February 2024, 17:56

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4 replies

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Hi @elizabethrbb,

This is a good question. I don’t see the option of “Sent” as a metric. My first suggestion is to set up a segment like this, changing 90 to your desired number:


I would also include “can receive email marketing”, because without it, it would return all of your unsubscribed or suppressed profiles.

I don’t know if this will include or exclude profiles that were skipped because the address was suspicious (or another reason). Also, it might include profiles that were scheduled for a flow, but were skipped because they failed a filter.

Hope this helps at least a little!

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Jumping in here to add that @JessFosnough is right! Though, I’d say just the first condition would be enough because if they never received an email, then there’s no chance it would have bounced/dropped. You can also add a filter to target a specific email campaign! But, depending on your use case for this, I do agree that excluding suppressed profiles is a good idea. 


I’d set it up like this:
















Hope that helps!


Thanks, Jess and Kaila! New to Klaviyo and I wasn’t sure if Received Email was simply another way of saying Delivered. This should be enough for my needs.

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You’re welcome! Have a fabulous weekend 😁