How to set up abandoned cart pop up for non openers?

  • 16 February 2023
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We all send abandoned cart emails. However as open rate is not 100% should we be looking at creating a non opening segment and serving them with an abandoned cart discount pop up..? and if so what is best approach?




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3 replies

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Hey @SeanMcC,

I would love to hear what other Community member’s thoughts on this as well! 

In terms of your approach, I think you have the right idea of creating a segment for your form to target.

Though, if you wanted to be even more targeted, you could implement a similar strategy directly in your abandoned cart flow. This way, instead of waiting for those non-openers to navigate to your website to sign back up to receive a discount code, they would just be sent an email containing a discount code if they never opened any emails earlier on in the flow. 


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@David To We do have further steps for non openers though perhaps once a non opener always a non opener?

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Hi @SeanMcC

This is a great topic and I think it actually opens it up for alot of discussion about unopened emails and how to increase the open rate.

Out of curiosity, have you done any A/B Testing on your Abandoned Cart emails?
It could be as simple as your subject line or send time for those emails that generate an increase. 

Here are some best practices on A/B testing and for reference a few tips on completing the testing.

I too agree with @David To that your suggested strategy of implementing a popup for non-openers is a good move, but this will only account for those that naturally come back to the site to see the popup.

Another suggestion is a exit intent pop up, so this would show prior to leaving the site when someone has not completed a sale. However I would strongly suggest monitoring this and measuring the success to ensure it is providing positive customer experience.

Hope this helps!