I converted my Segment to a List, Can I Change it Back?

  • 29 October 2021
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I converted the Segment to the List. How i can change it back?


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 29 October 2021, 16:40

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Hi @I Yl, 


Welcome to the Community Forum! Thanks for sharing your question withs us! 


You can take a Segment, that dynamically pulls people into a grouping, and change it to List, a grouping that profiles will only enter if they subscribe themselves. However, this sign will display before you take the action, warning that it is an action that cannot be undone. Once converted, the Segment will be gone in lieu of the List, you cannot change it back. 

If you ever wish to change a segment to a List while simultaneously keeping your segment, I would suggest creating a ‘Snapshot’. 





I can see that you asked a question about a Segment-turned-List changing a Flow below. Do you mind elaborating on what you’re looking to accomplish? 


If you have a Segment-Triggered Flow, but wish to convert your Segment to a List, the Flow will automatically update to a List-Triggered Flow, triggered by the segment-turned-List. 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 



Hi all,

my question also concerns this topic.

We use sign up forms for the newsletter on our website and all subscribed people are inserted into a list.

Additionally, the visitors can sign up to our newsletter in the process of creating an account in our onlineshop. Those people are then added to a segment and if we send out a newsletter, we always have to add both the segment and the list to the recepients.

Is it now possible, to convert the segment also into a list, without crashing the connection to the website? I cannot edit the code on the website...


Thank you!