I have 798 Profiles but can send Campaign to 198, Why?

  • 6 September 2021
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I am new to Klaviyo and haven’t export all my list since I want to go little by little until I understand the Platform, I choose all the list I have Profiles to send a Campaign, but I can send to only 198, I have only 3 profiles Suppressed so I know is not that, why is not showing all the profiles in List? and if is because they are not on a list, how I get them in a list. Thanks.


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Hey @FlorBiz 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! We are so thrilled that you came here to ask your question about your lists and profiles!

Understanding Consent in Profiles  is an important part of your marketing strategy. Rules around customer consent vary between email and SMS. It is crucial to understand these differences to comply with international laws and maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

If you have imported a CSV file into Klaviyo, you will want to make sure the profiles added have explicitly consented to receiving marketing from your business. The Guide to Profiles shares information on how to access your profiles what you can do with them, including how to check for consent. So although you have a list of 798, it is possible that when they were imported into Klaviyo, only 198 had explicitly given consent. 

A suggestion would be to create engaged segments so you are only delivering to those profiles who have opted into your marketing, and use these segments for your campaigns and flows. 

Also check out this Community Post from @wei.he and the conversation that follows where they talk about explicit consent. 

Thank you so much for joining the Klaviyo Community! We appreciate you!