I lost half of the people when I added an extra definition...

  • 25 May 2023
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I was creating a "customers" segment. For the first time, I just gave a "fulfilled order at least once over all time" and created the segment. I had around 4.5k people in it.

The second time, I went to update the definition. I added an extra definition called "Person is not suppressed" to remove the suppressed people.

Then I updated the segment.

Shockingly, now I only have 2.5k people showing. Does that mean 2K of my customers are suppressed with email, or am I missing out on anything?

Thanks in advance :)




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Hi @nambirajanks!


This is a great question. You’re right in identifying the “person is not suppressed” condition as what makes the biggest difference in the size of your segment.


The status “is suppressed” OR “is not suppressed” indicates the consent status of each profile. So IF the profile “is suppressed,” then you can still access its data and view order activity, website/ product viewing activity, and past email activity, BUT you can not send them marketing emails. Same scenario applies for SMS if you’re using that.


Here’s what I do for customer segmenting:

When I’m trying to understand different types of customers for my clients, I’ll often create a few segments of customers that don’t check for “is/ is not suppressed” so I can get a high-level view of how many people have ordered once, twice, 3 times, etc.


Then I’ll create the same segments, but this time I’ll check for “is not suppressed.” That identifies any customers that are eligible to receive marketing messages. Where this type of segment comes in especially handy is when you’re trying to determine what order threshold determines a VIP customer. It’s really interesting to see how for all of my clients, across multiple ecommerce niches, 3 orders is the big tipping point where there’s significantly less customers than 1-2 orders.


What can you use these segments for?

That kind of analysis helps when I build a “VIP Customer Thank You” flow. So first-time customers would get a “New Customer Thank You” flow, second-time customers would get a “Repeat Customer Thank You” flow, and then anyone who’s placed 3 or more orders gets the “VIP Customer Thank You” flow.


I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have related to this!


~ Gabrielle

Klaviyo Champion & Marketing Lead at ebusiness pros