I need to apply a tag to a group of customers

  • 4 November 2022
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I have a segment of customers that I want to add a tag to. I have gone and applied the tag to the segment of customers, but the tag is not actually applied to each customer profile in the segment, just the segment itself.

The reason for doing this is that I want to combine 5 different segments into one list but I want to tag each customer before they are joined so I can keep track of where they are from. 

What is the best way to do this? Thanks


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2 replies

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Hey @Nick_rackattack,

Sounds like you may have used a tag for organizing aspects of your account. If you wanted to tag individuals in the traditional sense of identifying certain profiles, you’ll want to use profile properties

The easiest way to tag a group of existing customers in my opinion is through a .CSV import as explained in the Manually add them subsection of our Profile properties reference Help Center article.

I hope this helps!


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Hi @Nick_rackattack,


There are to ways you can do so. Just to clearify with adding a tag you mean adding a custom profile property. 

The easiest way is to tag them manually as @David To mentions above but you could also do this automatically with a flow that add a profile property to a customer when your conditions are met.


Hope this helps


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