Identifying Subscribers by Region

  • 20 June 2022
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Here’s an interesting one.


One of our clients had their multiple regional stores connected to the same Klaviyo account, vis-a-vis klaviyo.js snippet.


Turns out, we’ve been collecting subs from Australia and Canada in addition to US subscribers.


We’re trying to filter them and put them into the correct accounts, so we’ve created a segment of people where the country is either set to Canada, or phone number region is Canada.


Is there any other way you would identify subs?


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3 replies

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@tabish - this happens more often than I’d like to admit. :)

I think you’re on the right track using “Country” as the proxy, but you may want to verify that they are “Consented” (Subscribed) and not just have the Profile added into Klaviyo.  

It’s a bit tricky, since “Consent” can be gathered by Klaviyo directly (if you use Klaviyo Signup Forms, or properly integrated apps that pass on Consent) or by the ecommerce platform itself.  If however, you collect emails in other ways (uploaded a List? have other tools that push emails into Klaviyo?) - it’s not obvious if they are “Consented” or not unless you made sure to mark them as so or you had Double Opt-In enabled.  

To be super safe, I’d export only people in those regions that also have “Consented” in Klaviyo, and export Consented folks from the Email Platform to have a clean Subscriber List as you migrate them to their respective proper Klaviyo Accounts.  And of course, you may want to export the Suppressions List just to pass those on as well. 

For everyone else that you’re not sure, a well retargeted Klaviyo Popup to have them “re-optin” might help - even though that may not be the best user experience.  But with the right messaging (and offer?) it might close the loop on those ambiguous “Consents” to be on the safe side. 

If you want to go the extra distance, once you have migrated, you may want to isolate those new imported folks with a  “quality” Campaign to those folks and monitor its performance + bounce + spam complaints so they’re not blended into the averages.  


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Joseph! Thanks for replying and sorry for responding so late!


We’re using Klaviyo forms and Shopify Plus for this particular account so we’re using phone number region or country as proxy. We will migrate everyone who is consented or not consented, but only email those that are actually consented because I just want to keep it safe for now and then do the re opt-in like you mentioned.

My biggest concern is missing those people that are actually in the other regions but continue to get emails from the wrong region.


Either way, I’ll work with what I have for now.


Thanks man!

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@tabish No problem on the late response, and I’m happy to help.  Appreciate you coming back and letting me know.

As for those folks that might be stuck in the wrong regions (and continuing to get the wrong Campaigns) - you may want to add a little Show/Hide Block or If/Else note/message on the bottom of your emails if and only if they are in the wrong country to ask if they want to subscribe to the correct region instead. 

@Anna McCarthy has a good tutorial on those here:

Good luck!