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  • 18 March 2024
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I have a problem. I have a multilingual English and Italian site. The default language is English. I created two Pop-ups, one for Italian customers in Italian and the other in English for non-Italian customers. However, every time I import a contact into Shopify, regardless of the pop-up (English or Italian), the email notifications for the contacts imported into the Shopify list are in English (Shopify's default language). How can I ensure that whoever filled out the Italian pop-up can receive notifications from Shopify in Italian and vice versa?


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Hi there @pippobr80


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Do you mind sharing the reason why you’re uploading these profile to Shopify? With Klaviyo <> Shopify’s integration setup, all profiles created in Shopify who opt into marketing  are fed into one specific Klaviyo list through the integration. It’s possible that these profiles are being added to the English list because this is the designated list chosen in receive Shopify profiles in Klaviyo.

Here the designated Klaviyo list that Shopify subscribers feed into is called “Newsletter”


While I’m not sure how to ensure customers get the right messaging in Shopify for their language, in Klaviyo, I’d suggest setting the two language popup forms to add users to the same Klaviyo list, but add a hidden property attached to each form so you are tagging the customer with either a ‘French’ or ‘Italian’ language property that will be added to their Klaviyo profile depending on whichever form they fill out.


With this hidden custom property added to your customers’ profiles, you can be sure that you are correctly segmenting your messaging so customers receive campaigns and flow messages in the right language! 


Hope this helps!



Thank you for your answer. I can actually manage contacts on Klaviyo very well by language and other attributes. The problem arises on Shopify, as the default customer language is English for everyone, even for Italian customers. For this reason there are problems with notifications with the correct language on Shopify (order confirmation, shipment tracking, etc.)




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Hi @pippobr80,

Thanks for clarifying the issue. While Klaviyo offers language segmentation, Shopify notifications currently use the default store language for all customers, regardless of the signup form language.


Options to Consider:

  1. Multilingual Shopify Apps: Explore Shopify apps offering multilingual notifications based on signup language.

  2. Third-party Email Provider: Use Klaviyo for email notifications (with language segmentation) and Shopify for other functionalities.

  3. Manual Language Selection: Implement a manual language selection option during checkout for customers to choose their preferred notification language.

For further exploration:

  • Contact Shopify support about future language notification options.
  • Search the Shopify app store and community forums for multilingual notification solutions.