Importing contact data mistake, how do I fix it?

  • 31 March 2022
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Hi guys, 


I recently uploaded a CSV from my old ESP with all my contacts to add to my profiles in Klaviyo. None of the data corresponding to the date they subscribed imported, so it looks like everyone is brand new. This is preventing me from setting up some flows and doing more list cleaning in the future. I’d like to delete everything and try again, but I don’t know if I can do that or if it will just make a bigger problem. 


So, two questions. 1) If I delete everyone, can I re-add them with this data issue fixed? and 2) There appears to be no field in Klaviyo that matches to the date the person originally subscribed, hence the problem I had with matching. If there is, I missed it. Any insight? 




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Hi there @Caitlin Z,

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The best way to move forward would be to delete the List from your profile completely, and then re-import with the correct data. The article Bulk Delete Contacts will walk you through how to delete those contacts should you want to. Unfortunately there's no way for us to delete a specific import and once you upload an event you can’t update existing events. With that being said, what you could do is delete the metric and re-import them with the correct data.​ You would be deleting all of those metrics, but deleting the metric doesn’t delete the profile.  The profiles would remain in Klaviyo, and if they then re-upload the metrics with the corrected data the metrics should appear on those profiles again.


Re-adding people would only be beneficial if you fix the issue that is causing the CSV to improperly import. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your CSV (hiding sensitive info) so we could see what might be going on? My first guess is that all the data is entering through a column or the CSV is improperly formatted. You can see an example of property formatted data here. You can also find some other troubleshooting tips from this guide here.


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