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Hello. I would like to create a master list of our app users. I would like new users to receive our onboarding flow. However, I also have older users that I’d like to add to the list but do not want them to receive the onboarding. Is there a way to add both groups to one master user list and suppress older users from receiving the onboarding? 


Best answer by julie.accardo 5 June 2021, 16:34

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Hi @Jeeptasha,


You can certainly do this! My recommendation would be to do the following in the order listed below:

  1. Turn the list triggered flow to draft status. 
  2. Manually import your app subscribers that you want added to the list.
  3. Once the import is complete, turn the flow back to live status so that the new subscribers can begin to trigger the flow. 

This way we will ensure that we don’t trigger the flow for all of the manual imported contacts but then moving forward any new subscriber will go through onboarding/welcome messaging.


Have a nice weekend!


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Hi Julie, 

This is awesome. So I can still keep the trigger for “when someone subscribes to..” with no other required filters, right. And it will trigger the send if I manually add new subscribers as long as the flow is set live. Do I have this right? 


Thanks again!


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Hello @Jeeptasha,

That is correct!

So long as your flow is Live and you manually add contacts to the list that triggers that flow either through a .CSV import or the Quick Add function, those contacts who were manually added would be queued up to receive the flow. To learn more about adding contacts to a new or existing list, I would recommend taking a look at the below resources:

Hope this helps!