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  • 6 April 2021
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I’ve setup integration between the Bluepark ecommerce platform, it was a simple case of adding the API key for Klaviyo into my Bluepark account and the data started flowing. Great!

I now have 1000+ profiles in my Klaviyo account, but a big fat 0 in any of my lists. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any “consent status” in any of the profiles. It seems that a profile has been created for anybody who entered their email as part of the checkout process.

I have 2 questions

How do I work out which of the customers are happy to accept email marketing? (this is a question in my Bluepark checkout, but I’m not sure where it shows in Klaviyo)

How do I move these customers into my newsletter list automatically?




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Hi @CoolCat,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community. I am very glad to hear your data is flowing into Klaviyo and everything looks good there.

Since Bluepark isn’t an ecommerce platform that we natively integrate with, we will have to rely on the data within Bluepark to determine which contacts have accepted email marketing. You may be well advised to seek their guidance for this initial step. From there, you will have to export these user’s who have accepted email marketing and re-import them into your Newsletter list via a .csv file. We do not currently have a method to automatically sync customers from this ecommerce platform to the Newsletter list. You will only have to include their email addresses in the .csv import. This is because their profiles already exist in Klaviyo, therefore all of the other data associated with their profile will persist without you including it in the list import.

If there are customers who have explicitly opt-ed out of email marketing, you’ll want to bulk-suppress those users in Klaviyo to ensure the only ones that exist in Klaviyo have accepted email marketing. The simplest way to achieve this is to export users who have not consented to email marketing from Bluepark and upload them to your suppression list in Klaviyo. This is all covered in the aforementioned “bulk-suppress” documentation.

Thanks and have a great day.