[Interactive workshop] Build your Cyber Weekend audiences (for entrepreneurs)

  • 7 October 2022
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Let’s keep the conversation going from the [Interactive workshop] Build your Cyber Weekend audiences for entrepreneurs! This is a collaborative space to post any related questions or comments about your Cyber Weekend segments.

You can also view the session replay here: 


During this session, we:

  • built 4 essential segments to include in your Cyber Weekend sending strategy

  • discussed how to apply any of your segmenting personas to SMS

Key takeaways from the training: 

  1. Strategically send marketing communication to your 30-day engaged customers, VIPs, bargain hunters, and window shopping audiences around Cyber Weekend.

  2. Add the “Consent to receive SMS” condition to segments to identify your SMS personas.

Additional resources:

Comment below any questions or let us know if you’ve had success sending to other audiences not covered in today’s training.

4 replies

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Additionally, I’d check out a helpful article from one of our Champions @Akers Digital on List Growth! 



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Thanks for the shout out @Taylor Tarpley .


This looks like such an amazing session around segmentation for BFCM (and any promotional time period). I just put it on my calendar! 

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Is there an automatic campaign flow that is recommended to be triggered when someone ends up in the window shoppers segment to encourage an order?

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Is there a way to merge lists and tag/distinguish one of the lists you are merging? I have way too many lists that came from different sources. To comply with best practices I'd like to merge them but also have some way to keep track of their unique property.