Is Double-Opt In worth it?

  • 14 February 2023
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Hey Everyone,

We have been using double opt-in since we set up our account in Klaviyo but it doesn’t seem to increase the subscribers. Do you think it’s worth a shot to try single opt-in for sometime to understand if that’d lessen the customer’s frustration in having to go through multiple steps? I know we worry about the spam but what if the customer forgets or doesn’t bother to go for the second step, then we might actually be missing out on a quality lead.

Would be good to hear some thoughts on this.



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Hi @Aathira ,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for the great question about the double opt-in process. 

It sounds like you are already an expert in understanding the benefits of enabling double opt-in for new subscribers! As you probably already know, the double opt-in process works to help you grow your list while also minimizing spam and preventing the accumulation of invalid or mistyped emails and phone numbers.

While it’s definitely a general best practice to have double opt-in enabled on your account, there may be some cases where single opt-in is better suited for certain brands. For example, brands may choose to implement single opt-in when they are using other third-party signup forms or tools and their customers are prompted with a double opt-in confirmation at some other point in the signup workflow. In cases where your third-party signup form has a double-opt in feature enabled, you might want to disable double opt-in on your Klaviyo list so customers don't experience multiple opt-in confirmation messages.

If you are not using a third-party tool to acquire subscribers, but you are still concerned about a low volume of new subscribers, I think it would be a good idea to test single opt-in for a week or two (or up to one month depending on your volume) to see if this has any impact on your volume of new subscribers. 

You can read more about switching to single opt-in in this Help Center guide if you need more information: Enable single opt-in

If after switching to single opt-in, if you see an increased volume of new subscribers, I would also encourage you to check on those email address which have been recently subscribed to confirm they are not spam. There is a great thread on the Community about how to identify and suppress fake profiles if this happens to you:

If after your testing period you have a higher volume of subscribers and no spam/fake profiles, this would be a good indicator that single opt-in is a better fit for your brand! 

If you do end up with spam after the test period, I would recommend considering re-adding double opt-in.


Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski