"is empty" or "is not set" not working as expected? Profiles not entering segment.

  • 10 October 2023
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Hi folks,

I’ve just taken over an account and am in the process of consolidating 10+ lists into a master list, and to say it’s getting convoluted is an understatement.

I’m at the point of creating a newsletter segment per below. The structure is Master List > Newsletter Segment.

I created two test profiles who both entered the master list, but did NOT enter the newsletter segment. I confirmed subscription via the double opt-in message so it’s not that.

At the moment the signup forms are only getting first name and email, and a lot of profiles currently have non-existent “content preferences” properties, so I wonder if it could be the circled options that are not effectively capturing the profiles who should be entering? 

Help please, I thought I understood how this worked!



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Hey @wernstrom 

Welcome back and thanks for another interesting question! 

Since these are all “AND” conditions all it takes is one of those to be off for the segment to not work. Im curious if it is the first condition you have circled “Content preferences is empty type: list” Have you tried changing that condition type to “text” instead of “list”?