Is there a possibility to A/B test having double opt-in on vs. off for the same list/flow?

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Hey Klaviyo community! 

First time posting here under this account. 

We’re testing some deliverability related things and one of the things we’d like to test asap is having the double opt-in option on vs. off. I don’t want to apply double opt-in settings to the whole list, but instead would like to A/B test it. I can’t find this capability on Klaviyo, but wondering if any of you have figured it out or you can think of an alternative way of achieving the same goal? 


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Hi @golnoushy


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us, love the analytical mindset here!


While you can’t differentiate opt-in settings for part of a list, opt-in settings apply to the whole list, instead you could test by having double opt-in  enabled for a certain amount of time and then your single opt-in enabled for the same amount of time and compare deliverability metrics to see what is best for your brand and company goals.


The key thing to remember is that while your list will grow faster when your list is set to single opt-in, you will need to monitor your deliverability metrics very closely and frequently to perform routine habits for your list’s hygiene like list cleaning and suppression . I’d recommend checking out these insightful Help Center articles and Community discussions to learn more and decide for yourself! I know some partners and Champions like @Mailbox Manny@KatherineB & @inboxingmaestro have participated in conversations like these before!


Happy testing and thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi @golnoushy thanks for posting in the Klaviyo Community! As @Taylor Tarpley mentioned, the best way to test this would be to have double opt in ON for a certain period of time and then have it off for the same period of time and compare the lead quantity and quality after your test.


I did want to mention - if you are using double opt in, make sure you have updated your preference pages for your list so they don’t look generic. Here is a Klaviyo article on how to do that:

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Hey @golnoushy 

Welcome to the community and great question btw!

Thanks for the mention @Taylor Tarpley  :) And great inputs by @KatherineB 

Email programs success first start with building a quality productive email list and it’s good to see that you’d like to implement a double optin.

However, curious to know what KPIs & success factors would you like to achieve from this POC, since double optin is the first foundational step towards email success. There are multiple factors that drives deliverability and reputation but aiming for building a productive list is the most important aspect of deliverability.

Happy to know your thoughts or questions, if any.