Keep 80% of the klaviyo profiles somewhere else

  • 20 December 2021
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80% of our klaviyo profiles are non-usable profiles. we can't send marketing to these, it needs to be stored more in a database.

Our profiles are growing every month so we have to pay a more expensive subscription with klaviyo after every month. is there any way to store these klaviyo profiles somewhere else?


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Hey @Artur

You can create an unengaged segment with users that non-usable and then export them from your account as csv with the relevant profile data that you want to save. 

And then you can remove those profiles from your Klaviyo account to shorten your active profiles in Klaviyo. 

Alternatively, you can also suppress the non-usable profiles since Klaviyo only charges you for active profiles in your account and not for the suppressed ones. 


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Hello @Artur,

It may help to get a better understanding of Klaviyo’s billing method mentioned in the How Klaviyo Bills Customers for Emails Help Center article. Essentially, Klaviyo’s billing structure is based on the number of Active Profiles you have within your account as well as the number of messages sent to that number or over all.

For those contacts that have not consented to receive marketing emails, we strongly recommend list cleaning periodically and suppressing them. Not only is this best practice, but list cleaning and suppressing those profiles will lower the number of Active Profiles in your account thus allowing you to be on a lower plan. This is because suppressed profiles are not counted towards your plan while still retaining these contacts and profiles available in your account.

Suppressing profiles will also ensure you don’t accidentally send these contacts any emails you shouldn’t be either!

You can also find some more insights on this topic in the following Community posts that may be of use:

Hope this helps!