Klaviyo - Adwords Integration Strategy

  • 17 January 2023
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I am interested on your thoughts as to how various strategies could be applied to retargeting our email list on adwords. We could for example consider a

  • cart abandoner segment or perhaps not considering that the email flow should to the trick there 
  • only retarget customers who added high value / margin adandoners?
  • only those who have never bought
  • winback segment


etc etc


i would appreciate hearing what has worked for you?



2 replies

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Hi @SeanMcC ,

Thanks for sharing in the Community.

Although I have not worked with Adwords personally I am also interested on seeing the strategy behind it as well. In the meantime, did you have any questions involving the integration process or any issues with that process you ran into?



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@alex.hong Hi thanks for your reply. The integration all seems fine. I will report on my findings. Meanwhile, if anyone lease has anything to add please do let us know...