Klaviyo + Typeform // Multiple Outputs into Klaviyo

  • 5 January 2022
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Hopefully someone has experience of this as I can’t believe we’re the first to try this.

We want to do an onsite survey for website visitors.
It’s a 3 question survey to get a steer on why they are browsing and what help we can give them.

Question 2 depends on the answer to question 1, question 3 depends on the answer to question 2.
Klaviyo can’t handle the answers triggering different follow-on questions so they advised using Typeform.

It ends up with customers dropping into 1 of 8 different “categories” after question 3.  Each of which we will handle through different flows.

Has anyone done similar and how do you link each “category” with a segment in Klaviyo?


Hope that all makes sense.





Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 5 January 2022, 17:39

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Hi @Mango_Andrew


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us. 


While Klaviyo can only sync individual form questions, not the outcome of the quiz, there was another user who had a similar issue in the Community. A proposed workaround that would’ve worked would have been to create a flow triggered by the Filled Out Form event and implement conditional splits where you check the response to each question and start branching different paths based upon the response to each question. You could then use the Update Profile Property flow action to apply the "outcome" of the quiz as a Custom Property to each profile based on which path someone exits on within the flow. Then you can use the custom property in segmentation and create the groupings you’re looking for based on customers’ specific categories. 


Additionally, you could also redo the logic of the quiz and create a score-based outcome, as the quiz score is passed to Klaviyo. By mapping out questions in Excel and playing around with the points values of the answers, you could land each result in a score range that align to the questions. Then, create segments based on those score ranges.


For more insight, I’d recommend checking out the original post made by your fellow user! 


Hope this helps! Thanks for your participation in the Community!