Linking multiple unbounce forms to klaviyo

  • 12 July 2021
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I have created multiple pages in unbounce that i want to test. Additionally, each page has it’s own form. 

Question: How do i link each form separately to klaviyo? Or how can i create custom properties in the forms on unbounce that can be tracked and segmented by klaviyo?




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4 replies

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Hello @TheoMarvel,

Great question!

The integration between Klaviyo and Unbounce will only allow you to designate one Klaviyo list to subscribe users to from all your Unbounce forms. That said, you can create hidden fields within each of your Unbounce forms which can tag your subscribers with a specific custom profile property in order to identify which form a customer filled out to join your list through segmentation. 

I would recommend reviewing Unbounce’s Adding and Editing Forms article on how to customize your form to be pass a hidden field and also the Klaviyo How to Integrate with Unbounce article on how to map this custom field to be synced to Klaviyo. 

Once these steps are set up, you can then use segmentation with rules such as “If someone is or is not in a list, person is in List A AND Properties about someone, CUSTOM_PROFILE_PROPERTY equals PROFILE_VALUE” to identify users who are added to your list from the Unbounce integration and has been tagged a specific profile property to indicate which form the user has filled out.

To learn more about how properties are recognized within Klaviyo and how to segment off of them, i would recommend taking a look at the following articles:

I hope this helps!


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@TheoMarvel In addition to solution to add custom profile properties to each form, Unbounce also natively sends Klaviyo a “Filled Out Form” event.  One of the event properties is the “Page ID” that corresponds to your Unbounce’s Page ID, including other properties like Page Name and Page Variant.  

See here:

Unbounce Filled Out Form Event

So you can also build segments based on those properties/values.  The best part of this approach is if someone can complete multiple forms (or multiple times per form), you’ll be able to build more complex segments or build Flows triggered based on that Metric for each time a Form is submitted.  

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Thank you so much! @retention that really helps!. Thank you too!


@retention Would you be able to walk me through this? The links from before are not coming up and I am trying to find a good solution to integrate multiple Unbounce forms to separate Lists or segments on Klaviyo. Thanks