List Cleaning For Mixed List Type (SMS & Email)

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So I’m hoping I explain this right--

We had legacy SMS subscribers in a list (with opt in dates when we migrated from SMS Bump).  We imported those into a list we called ‘Legacy.’  This was over 6 months ago.

Since that point, we’ve done regular list cleanings on our account, have the usual attrition etc, profiles have done merging in Klaviyo as people checkout, etc…. now we have a lot of people mixed into in this Legacy list:

Group A - Consented for SMS & Email

Group B -Consented for Email and not SMS

Group C - Consented for SMS and not Email

I really want the Legacy SMS lists to JUST have the SMS consented folks (Group A & Group C) and move the Group B folks into their own list.

I’m thinking I need to create a segment that pulls my Group B people, and make that it’s own list.  But then how do I best REMOVE them from the original Legacy list?

Is there an automated way to get them OUT of the Legacy list, or do I have to create another segment capturing Group A and C, and convert that to its own list…. then just remove the old Legacy list and remap some of my other segments to the new Legacy SMS list?

Am I over thinking this?  I’m trying to figure out what the best practice is for this.


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Hi @OctaneHolly, welcome to the community!

So if I’m understanding you right, your ultimate goal is to have two separate audiences; one that is consented for SMS, and another for one that is consented for Email.  Since those two audiences overlap in your three groups, I think the most practical way of doing this without creating yet another List or have more Lists to manage is to create Two Segments, one for Email and one for SMS.  

  • SMS Segment : those that has consented to SMS in List Group A OR in List Group C
  • EMAIL Segment : those that has consented to Email in List Group A OR in List Group B

Does that approach work as you require?

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Hey Joseph - I do segment already that way for a number of things (we have a ridiculous number segments for various reasons).

It may be my peculiar way of wanting to handle things, but I just want my list to be a bit more clean and collapse my list counts.  It may be a little OCD, but I can’t stand that the Group B people are throwing off my counts LOL

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@OctaneHolly I totally understand!  Don’t get me started about being super tediously strict about naming conventions and tagging to keep everything organized as well!

Then, I think you might have answered your own question here, no?  I think you can do a one time “cleanup” of your Lists into your ultimate canonized Lists and then you won’t have to deal with the overlapping Groups and have proper Opt-in counts and growth reports.

Remember, you can quickly convert a “Segment” into a List - so you might be able to build a Segment to pull together the right audience, and then convert it into a List. 

After you’re all done, you can then cleanup and archive/delete anything you don’t need if you want to keep everything nice and tidy.


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Yea, thanks - that’s roughly what I figured I would have to do.  I guess I wanted someone to essentially confirm there wasn’t another magical way to do it that I was missing.. Thank you!  I needed to more or less say it out loud. 😀