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  • 26 October 2022
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I am in the process of doing some pre-Holiday list cleaning for a client and wanted to make sure that my segment definition was correct. I keep overthinking it, and tripping myself up! Take a look. Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance!


  • Received Email is at least 20 over all time
  • Opened Email zero times over all time
  • Clicked Email zero times over all time
  • Placed Order zero times over all time
  • Person is not suppressed for email

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4 replies

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Hi Ginger, welcome to the community.


Good idea.  Please send a screenshot of the Segment Definition in Klaviyo.  Getting the AND/OR right will be important as well.


In terms of the metrics used, that’s up to you and the brand depending on your cadence/strategy.


Also, if you haven’t seen this, here’s a quick guide on list cleaning from the Klaviyo help articles: 

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Hi Manny

Thanks for the response! Screenshot is below



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Hi @Ginger M and welcome to the Community!


I agree with @Mailbox Manny that list cleaning will depend on your overall strategy, and that Help Center Link is a great place to start!


If you’re looking for more resources, I would recommend the following Help Center Articles and Community threads:

  • Sunset Flows - This Help Center article explains some best practices for cleaning out unengaged customers, and includes an example of a Sunset Segment that you might find useful in defining your own.
  • Community Discussion Recap on the importance of list hygiene, plus links to more resources:
  • Tips and Tricks from our Community Champions on list cleaning practices (including Segment definition):


I hope this helps and thank you for using the Community!


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I’ve done all of that before reaching out. Thanks, I’ve got it.