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  • 1 December 2023
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To me this should be simple math - but I feel like I’m missing something. Main marketing list November - 250,143 members.


In the list growth view it says: Total subscribes - 3,582 and total unsubscribes - 549

So net growth for the list is 3,033.


However when I look at the marketing list size in October it was - 247,380. So doing the math November minus October the result is 2,763 which is a completely different number to the net growth.


Why is there a difference of 270 members? Who are they, where are they coming from? If they’re not being listed in the subscribes and unsubscribes, I can’t understand why there is a discrepancy.


Can someone please enlighten me? 


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Hey @jadebiscuit 

Thank you for reaching out about your list growth, this is a great question.

The "Subscribed to List" metric is not, across the board, the most accurate metric to use for determining total subscribers, though this depends on how your collection / funnel system is configured to collect subscribers. Our system does not post "Subscribed to List" events for every method that profiles can logically signup to receive marketing from a business. For example, Klaviyo will not add subscribed events to profiles that are manually uploaded to a list, even if those profiles are technically subscribed (e.g. they subscribed using a written sign-up sheet at an in-person event). 
However, the list growth report accounts for this. This report considers all possibilities of how a customer may have been added to a list; it does not look exclusively at "subscriptions" to a list within any defined lens, but rather accounts for any possible addition to the list itself, whether this was through a signup form, a manual upload, etc. 
To be specific, the "Subscribed to List" metric will fire when any of the following actions take place:

  • When someone fills out a Klaviyo signup form
  • When a profile is added to a list with email consent via Quick Add
  • When a profile is added to a list with email consent via CSV upload
  • When someone subscribes through a Klaviyo-built integration, or certain third-party integrations 

While the above event covers a lot of use cases for certain customers, this may leave a wide gap for others - this is what I meant by saying the efficacy of using this metric" depends on how your collection / funnel system is configured to collect subscribers" above. 
With that being said, I would suggest continuing to use the list growth report for the most accurate numbers for a specific list. The list growth report(s) offer/s the ability to narrow down a specific timeframe and shows the different subscribe and unsubscribe groups (i.e. the "how" of a customer's [un]subscribe). 

Hope this helps!