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  • 17 December 2021
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Hi, I have just started with Klaviyo and I have created one newsletter list which is connected to an offer. I have also created a list for a ad campaign. My dilemma is that when the ad campaign is over I want the people in the ad campaign to start getting the newsletters, without the discount in the newsletter list. How do I do this? Do I need to change anything in my set up or what do I do?


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5 replies

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Hi there @Johan! First, welcome to the Community and congrats on getting started with Klaviyo!

Assuming the people in a list are going through a flow for the ad campaign, you can create a segment for those who have finished the flow, by updating the property at the end of the flow and then segmenting off that property. From there, you could lead customers through a flow for newsletters similar to your other newsletter list but these customers would not get a discount.

You could also have your ad campaign list receive newsletter separately by cloning the newsletter flow and just removing the part that gives them a discount before sending it through.

This all depends on how you have set up your lists, emails, and newsletters though so I would be curious to hear more about how you have put everything together if these solutions were not helpful.

Thank you!


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Hi Alex

Thanks for your replay. The suggestion you have is  something that would help, but I think that I might have done my self a disadvantage by creating two lists and also adding a discount pop up to the Newsletter list. I’m thinking that it might be better to separate everything, having a clean newsletter list where I save all my emails and then have segments for the pop up and the SignUpForm ad campaign. It just seems a bit confusing adding the correct filters with out F***ng up the email flow between the newsletter list and the segments. As I understand I need to us the If someone is in or not in a list and that filter should somehow make this flows work. Have you used this filters to combine segments and lists, and do you have any tips so that I don’t miss anything and the people on my list will get the right discount emails followed by the correct newsletter emails?

Thanks for your time


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Hey there @Johan,

No problem glad I could get the ball rolling.

I think one strategy would be to create one main list if possible. Streamlining your contacts into a single main list is a best practice to analyze your owned marketing strategy and optimize deliverability. In this related article, you can learn how to funnel your contacts into a main list as well as when and why to use one.

In this situation, I think you could have a main newsletter list of all your contacts and then have flows for segments of that list with different conditions, which return different emails in that flow. Our How to Exclude Lists or Segments from a Campaign Send article goes over how to limit people from receiving your campaigns so that you can better understand how to specify where your emails are going to. 

The filter you mention can be used for a flow to target specific groups of customers, but there are also multiple ways to set up flows depending on how you want to send your emails out. I will link some articles to help get started with Flows and sending below:

Getting Started With Flows

How to Create an Email Welcome Series

How to Add To or Combine Lists Without Triggering a Flow

I think taking a look into these first can help clear up some confusion regarding your question and setting up the newsletter and flows. Feel free to take a look and let me know if you have further questions!


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Thank Alex

Super helpful. Have a great Christmas and happy new year. 

Take care and thanks again.


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Glad I could help @Johan!

Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well :)
Stay safe and take care!