Managing Multiple Domains Under Single Shopify Account with Distinct Klaviyo Accounts: Seeking Guidance

  • 5 October 2023
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Our ecommerce enterprise, which recently embarked on a geographical expansion to cater to several European nations, is encountering a quandary concerning the integration between Shopify and Klaviyo. Initially, we operated a singular Shopify store linked to one Klaviyo account, a setup that was straightforward to manage via the Klaviyo App within Shopify.

Upon our expansion, we opted for local URLs under one Shopify account to accommodate different languages, thereby having domains like,, and, all housed within the same Shopify account.

Our objective is to allocate a separate Klaviyo account for each store, so as to have distinct Klaviyo accounts for,, and so forth.

While it is feasible to connect multiple Klaviyo accounts to a single Shopify store, we've stumbled upon a snag where all subscribers get pooled into the same Klaviyo account regardless of the domain they subscribed through. This implies that subscribers from,, and all get aggregated into the Klaviyo account of, and similarly for and so on. Though a possible workaround could be filtering and deleting customers to avoid redundancy across multiple accounts, this approach isn't particularly efficient.

Furthermore, upon attempting to utilize a dynamic block for an email intended for, we realized that we can only retrieve products from the account (main language), leading to incorrect URLs and other related issues.

Has anyone navigated through a similar setup and discovered a way to efficiently manage multiple domains under one Shopify account while ensuring accurate connections with respective Klaviyo accounts? Or is the recourse to delve into custom coding to rectify this issue?

Any insights or experiences shared would be tremendously valued. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

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Hi @JustinBono!

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! I encountered this problem myself when working with a client that had 8 distinct websites, across the same brand, with the same localization intention that you have. 


It will seem daunting at first, but truly the best way to manage this is to have one distinct Klaviyo account for each distinct website/ Shopify store/ domain name. This will give you the greatest consistency and highest quality of customer data management in the long run. 


Since each domain name corresponds to a distinct country/ region, you’ll want to have automated emails sent with the appropriate language (unless you’re choosing to use English for all) - same applies to campaign emails.


Also, tracking the optin sources, and order data will be 100x easier if you have one account dedicated to one store. 


I recommend you use the same email address internally to create this account, and then add users on your team as needed, to each account. Once the Klaviyo accounts are tied together with the same login for each user, you can seamlessly switch between accounts. This also enables you to clone email templates and flows between accounts - that feature saved me hours of work when building out flow systems for my client!


Happy to answer any further questions you have as well. 





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