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  • 16 August 2023
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Hi there! 

I recently migrated from Mailchimp and we replatformed from Squarespace to Shopify. This means that our prior customers order information did not migrate over and when I navigate to the repeat buyer segment in Klaviyo it is not accurate. I want to manually add the profiles of my repeat buyers to this segment but I am not seeing the option. 

Is there a way to manually add profiles? 




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Hi @Nat99 !

Segments are dynamic, meaning they grow as people meet the segments' conditions and shrink as people no longer meet them. Because of this, we are unable to upload contacts directly into the segments themselves. 

However, you can achieve the outcome you are looking for by uploading your repeat buyers to a new List, and then updating the definition of your segment to include a “If someone is in or not in a list” definition. You would connect it using an OR connector, and it would look something like this:


Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski

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There are three ways you can accomplish this 


Import the list of people who have purchased from you before with a profile property that says they’ve placed an order and create a segment off of that. So you could call the property Squarespace purchase and add a value of Yes. If you wanted to get fancy, you can import a date field with their most recent SS purchase date. 


If you go this route I recommend you create a separate list called IMPORT DATA that no flow is triggered from (Lists are just organizational tools, not audiences like in MC) This way you don’t accidentally trigger any flows. Then you can delete the list afterward. You’ll just want to make sure those who have opted in to receive email marketing from you are also on your NEWSLETTER list.


Here’s how to import profile properties to Klaviyo


Import a list of historical events to Klaviyo so you can see all the orders that were made on Squarespace. 

Here’s how you import historical events to Klaviyo


Import your historical orders directly into Shopify and they will be ported over into Klaviyo

Here is an app that can help you import historical orders into Shopify

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Hi @Nat99 - welcome to the community!


This is an important question since so much of your system of flows will be impacted by accurately tracking orders, so I’m glad you’re attempting to find a solution for this.


I’ve done a similar migration for one of my clients before, and I highly recommend you prioritize the preservation of historical order data, rather than creating a custom list with a static tracking of historic orders prior to your migration. 


Doing a bulk upload by importing a list of historical events is a meticulous and time-consuming process, but it’s worth doing if the app recommended by @Jessica eCommerce Badassery doesn’t work. I would try the app first, since it’s usually a more reliable way to preserve order data when you don’t need to manually format files for import.


IF that doesn’t work or there’s inconsistencies, then invest in the manual import process so you have all historic order data stored in Klaviyo. I promise you it’s worth the time!





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Thank you all! I really appreciate this insight. 

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@Nat99, I'm just adding my thoughts here as well. How are you dealing with previous orders/customers etc in Shopify? did you import anything?


One of the main advices I always give is that whenever possible try to integrate or push data from the old system into Klaviyo. Using a simple list with a profile property might be a second good option but having the data of what people bought, how often they bought, when they bought last etc is worth a lot as well. Otherwise it's starting from scratch again and that makes no sense.

This is often overlooked during migrations.


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