Merging invalid emails with their first profile

  • 13 February 2023
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We’ve noticed recently that we have a lot of emails that are invalid due to, mostly, misspelling. 

I’ve checked aprox 10 profiles and 8 out of them had already a valid account. I have already merged them (, but i don’t want to do this manually with +200 profiles. 


I also know that enabling the double opt-in will reduce the number of invalid emails, but since the A/B testing showed up that a larger percentage of the subscribes uses the coupon when we show it on the form, this does not matter. 


So I have two questions: 

For the first one i want to confirm why the form (currently set to not appear to already existing klaviyo profiles) actually does appear to people that have a profile. Is this because they are using a different platform (like if they registered on their work computer and are now checking the website from their phone)?


And the second and important one: 

Is there a way to merge these profiles in bulk? 

Because the process of doing it one by one is tedious and time consuming. 

Could a form identify if the email given is wrong? 


Thank you so much!


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Hey @Clara Cervera ! Happy to help =)


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There could be several reasons why the form is appearing to people who have already created a Klaviyo profile. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Different devices: If a person created a profile on one device and is now accessing the website on another device, the form may still appear.
  • Inconsistent tracking: If the website is not properly tracking user profiles, the form may appear even if the person has already created a profile.
  • Cleared cookies: If the person has cleared their browser cookies, the website will not recognize their previous profile and the form may appear again.
  • Technical issue: There could be a technical issue with the website or Klaviyo platform that is causing the form to appear even if the person has already created a profile.

It's important to thoroughly test the website and Klaviyo integration to determine the exact cause of this issue and find a solution. You may want to reach out to Klaviyo support for assistance in resolving this issue.


Yes, there is a way to merge profiles in bulk in Klaviyo. You can use the Klaviyo API or a CSV import to merge multiple profiles into a single record. The API allows you to programmatically merge profiles, while a CSV import allows you to manually merge profiles in bulk by updating a spreadsheet and importing the updated information into Klaviyo.

As for identifying if the email provided in the form is wrong, it is possible to add validation to the form to ensure that the email address provided is in the correct format. However, this will not guarantee that the email address is accurate, as it only verifies that it is in a valid format. To further verify the accuracy of the email address, you can add an email confirmation step to the form where the user must click a link in a confirmation email to complete the sign-up process. This will confirm that the email address is valid and that the user has access to the email account.