Mismatched data while importing CSV file

  • 22 June 2021
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Hi there,

I’m trying to import a CSV file and when I do, I get mismatched data all over. So I have gone and review the data type, and tried a different one with no avail. I won’t import and it doesn’t matter the data type I choose.


Anyone has an answer to fix this?


Thank you,




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4 replies

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Hey Francisnelli! 


I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble importing. When this happens, it’s almost always because of a “data type” that doesn’t match the data in your file. Here are some common areas where I’ve seen this happen: 

Dates: our upload tool can only accept certain date formats. Check out this guide and make sure all dates are in an accepted format. 

Consent: The consent data type requires a very specific “array” format, and can only hold certain values as well, like this: ["sms","push","directmail"] 
If you have a “consent” field and it uses true/false values, select “Boolean” as the data type instead. 


We have a guide with a lot more detail about troubleshooting list uploads as well.


I hope this is helpful! If you’re still having trouble, feel free to share more detail here and we can take a look (for example, a list of the columns in your spreadsheet and the type of data in each). 




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Hi Elise,

Most of the fields have no data yet (I just joined Klayvio) and because I am not sure what type of data they are, I’m leaving as string since that’s what it is recommended by Klayvio “how to”


My date is MM/DD since I don’t want to collect YY. Do you think that it is a problem?


Thank you

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Great question - I do think that might be the issue. You can either try importing the date as a string, or (and this is what I’d recommend), add a fake year to all of the date values.


Let me know how that goes! 

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I’d found what was causing the problem… in the consent field, the “email” property was all weird like “[“”email””]” something like that. The two contact that didn’t have that, worked when I imported as string. I went back and deleted all that weird property and imported again. Voila! It imported all… including the custom property “real birthday” without the year.

So hopefully now I can create the flow I wanted for “Real Birthday”

Thank you so much, Elise