Missing data when syncing Facebook leads with Klaviyo audience list

  • 11 August 2023
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I have successfully created link between Facebook leads and Klaviyo audience list, and I see the audience list reflects some Facebook leads. However, I found there are some leads missing in audience list.

For example, on 9 Aug 2023, there were 6 leads from Facebook, but there were only 2 leads(audiences) reflected on Klaviyo.

Does anyone know how to fix that? 

Thank you!


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Hello @Phoebeeeee,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! 

Do you have double opt-in enabled on the list linked to your Facebook lead? Keep in mind, that when double opt-in is enabled, users will be required to confirm their subscription prior to being added to the list. 

This is also mentioned in our How to sync Facebook lead ad subscribers to Klaviyo Help Center article:

When you sync a lead ad with a Klaviyo list, the following will happen:

  • Those who sign up to your lead ad will be added to the Klaviyo list you selected.
  • If you choose to subscribe signups to email or SMS, this consent will be added to the individual’s profile in Klaviyo. Customers can not be subscribed to both email and SMS in Klaviyo via a lead ad at this time.
  • If you choose to subscribe signups to email or SMS, and you have double opt-in enabled for the selected list, the individual will receive double opt-in messaging. Note that double opt-in messaging may take up to an hour to send.
  • If you choose to subscribe signups to email or SMS, and you have a list-triggered welcome flow enabled for the selected list, or a subscription-triggered welcome flow, the individual will enter the welcome flow.
  • If you choose to not subscribe signups, the individual will be added to the list you select, but they will not be subscribed to marketing, nor will they receive a double opt-in message. If you have a welcome series triggered by consent for SMS or email, they will not receive it, but if your welcome series is a list-triggered flow, they will receive it.

If you do not have double opt-in enabled, I would recommend checking to see if there were any disruptions between your Facebook integration and Klaviyo. One thing to keep in mind is that due to the nature of how Facebook syncs data to Klaviyo, it can take upwards of an hour for leads to be recognized in Klaviyo. 

I hope this helps!



Hi David,

Thank you for your reply and I can now see all the leads on Klaviyo from Facebook.

However, I am now sorting out on how to distinguish whether a lead is converted or not. It is because I want to send an email after 7 days of the lead (as a reminder to encourage them to convert), but I am not sure how to filter out the converted leads, only those who haven’t converted will receive the email. 


Thank you.