More Profils than people who suscribed to my newsletter..

  • 10 October 2023
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Hey there.

I don’t understand why I have more Profils than suscribed people to my newsletter List ?

Can someone explain my where the difference comes from please ? 




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Hi @Steve0603, glad to see you back here in the community.

In a typical setup with Klaviyo, your ecommerce platform will sync with Klaviyo and pass in all customers, registered users, and subscribers so that it can accurately track all purchases and activities of your store.  

This means that just because someone is a customer or a registered user, they may not necessarily opted in for marketing.  So typically, you’ll have more Profiles than you have Subscribers, because Profiles contain all folks who have and have not consented to marketing.

You can read more about that here:

You may also want to check how you handle your ecommerce platform’s subscribers with Klaviyo.  Remember, on some ecommerce platforms, visitors who opt-in to marketing are sometimes handled on the platform itself - or through other forms or email capture built into the platform.  (E.g. on checkout, or on registering, or a native subscribe form in the footer of the site).  Verify your integration setting to let Klaviyo know which List you want those users to “Subscribe” to when that happens.

For example, in Shopify, you can specify which Klaviyo List each Shopify subscribers will sync to.




Hope that helps!


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