Move client to a different list?

  • 21 April 2022
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Agency here… have a client that is a chamber of commerce. I have 2 lists -  Board Members and Members. When a Board Member leaves the board, I would like to have them moved onto our Member List. How can I move a Board Member to just a Member List?

Thanks, Bernie


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Hi @BernieMBL,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

If you navigate to the user profile and scroll down, you’ll see a little “remove” button next to the name of the list you wish to remove them from. 


Next, navigate to the list you wish to add them to, and click on the “quick add” button. Simply type in their email address in the input field. All other information about that user will still be contained in the new list (not just their email address). For further methods on adding subscribers to a given list, see our documentation here.


I hope that’s helpful. Thanks for being a member of our community.

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Thanks for that - it worked great!

Side note, since we are in the year of 2022 - shame we have to resort to copy/paste names on a list to move people to a different list - just my 3 cents….

I kinda prefer it when the “Machine” works for me, not me for it…. :)

Thanks for your help though - problem solved!


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Hi Bernie, have you considered using segments instead of lists? You can utilize a lot more automated functionality by keeping one “master” list and using user actions or profile parameter changes to move users from segment to segment.

Not saying its a windfall, will take some technical considerations, but worth a shot.

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Hi JNorm,

Yes, that would work in strictly an eCommerce situation? I do that with my eCommerce clients.

This particular client is a Chamber of Commerce so all the actions are from either subscribers or manual lists - like Board Members, etc. I would still have to move them manually around when their “status” changes.

I guess since I am using Klaviyo for both eCommerce and non-eCommerce clients, I’ll have to do what DOV suggested for the non-eCommerce ones? It worked out fine when I used his suggestion. I just pulled those emails and copied them into “Notes” and then went to the general list to add them back as just a member.

I’m very spoiled with having found Klaviyo and just can’t get myself to use a different platform for non-eCommerce clients… :)

Thanks for helping!