Move subscribers from list to another list after preference update (or delete from one)

  • 16 February 2022
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As many others have asked, I want to make sure this still is set as not resolved:

We have 3 lists as this is the only way to serve them with the following mails in their own languages without creating hosted pages: ‘Confirm Your Email’ and ‘Manage Preferences’.


  • English
  • Swedish
  • German

If a subscriber decides to change language with the ‘Manage Preferences’-page from German to English, we need to add them to the English list AND remove them from the German list.

Otherwise, they would still get the German version of our ‘Manage Preference’.

→ With Zapier we can add them to a list but as I recall it’s not possible to also remove them from a list.

Does any have a workaround or a solution that doesn’t involve hosted pages?


Using segments in any way doesn’t resolve this issue as it only relates to which ‘Manage Preferences’-version (language{english|swedish|german}) they will go to when they click at {% manage_preferences %}.


Bonus info: we have a language property on all our subscribers.

3 replies

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Hi @Patrick Hoffmann,

Thanks for sharing this with our community.

I’m afraid it isn’t possible to add a user to a list or remove them from a list directly through the default manage preferences page.

I’m interested to hear more about why you’re using lists in favor of segments? And I’m interested to better understand your end-goal for these users. While you are correct that creating segments will change the version Klaviyo uses for the manage preferences page, using segments should make it easier for you to organize your language-based customers. This is because unlike lists (which are static), segments are dynamic and update automatically when a user updates their language preferences to one of English, Swedish or German. This is the equivalent action of adding them from one list and removing them from another. The only drawback here would be the global manage preference page itself, if they were to update preferences it would only display a single language, I’d consider using English as the language of choice in the global preferences page.

Also, you will be able to send both campaigns and flows to segments in the same way you would to your current lists if you create discrete segments for each language. 

For any existing flows that trigger off of lists, you can simply clone the flow and change the trigger to a segment.

You may also want to consider creating separate Klaviyo accounts for each language which makes other tasks easier such as constructing flow content (no need to think about which language to use in each flow or for language-based conditional splits), catalog item names will all be in the same language, setting currency for an account etc. As long as you use the same email address between all these accounts, you can simply clone templates between accounts and update the language from there.

I hope that is helpful.

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Hi Dov,

Thanks for joining!

Actually I had all the thoughts you just shared with me. After writing the post I decided to change all the Manage Preference Pages to english just to overcome the issue with them reading it in german (if they where to manage their preferences though the opt-in mail (this is lists-based and correctly static and the link will always direct them to the List-manage-preference-page).

I will be using segments looking at their language-property so after opting in they will all get the Global Manage Preference Page.

For the question about moving them from one list to another I’ve set up Zapier to add them to the list they belong to. And I get that at this point having multiple lists doesn’t seem that important WHICH is why I are considering consolidating them into one. The only thing keeping me from doing it is that I believe it’s VERY important that subscribers from especially Germany recieves all their information in their own language from the beginning. One the other hand, we might just create the Hosted Page as it seams to be our only option - but maybe not neccessay at this point.

I’m more OK with them seeing the Global Manage Preference page in english - but at first hand I’m not interested ind scaring them away.

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Hi @Patrick Hoffmann,

Thanks for this update.

it sounds like you have a good grasp of all of the potential options and some decision-making to do!

Glad that we could do some brainstorming together :)