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  • 12 April 2021
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Hello I’m new to Klaviyo and already lost-   I integrated with shopify- I can see my shopify customers in the Klaviyo profiles, but how to I add them up to a list?   {I have looked at previous messages in the community and didn’t find the answer).  Thanks


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3 replies

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Hi @eceaux,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

There are a few separate ways a user can be added to your Klaviyo account via Shopify. However, not all of these methods will result in the user being added to a Klaviyo list.

First, let’s go over the methods that both sync users to Klaviyo and add them to a list:

  1. When a user signs-up through a Shopify form. However, after they fill the form, they will not immediately be added to the list. First, they will receive a double opt-in email. Once they confirm their subscription through that email, they will be added to the list designated in your Shopify integration settings under Collect email subscribers. You can circumvent the confirmation step altogether by enabling single opt-in for your list if you wish.


  1. Ticking the box for Accepts Marketing at checkout and placing an order. Just accepting marketing at checkout wouldn't add them to the list. More detail on that process here



Next, the methods that will sync the user to Klaviyo, but not add them to a list:

  1. Solely taking an action in Shopify i.e. User X places an order only. This is what we call being added to Klaviyo through general engagementWith that said, you can create a segment of generally engaged folks and use this for sending. For example: “what somebody has done > Placed Order at least once over all time OR is in Newsletter list and was added in the last 30 days”. Speaking directly to your original question, you can create a segment “Is not in Newsletter list” AND “what somebody has done > placed order at least once over all time”, export that segment and re-import it into your Newsletter list to capture these folks in your list.
  2. Manually adding a user as a customer to Shopify. This will simply sync the profile but not to any particular list. The best way to add this user to a list is to do so using the quick add feature. This is the preferred method when only adding a handful of contacts to a list because it is less time-consuming than doing an export/import.

Thanks and have a great day.


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Useless, the question was not answered!

I have the same issue:

“ can see my shopify customers in the Klaviyo profiles, but how to I add them up to a list? “

All I want to do is add customers that had signed up in Shopify to a list that were imported to “profiles”.

Hours of searching for an answer and nothing but the same stupid answers that talk about segmenting lists and harvesting new customers to a list, BUT NOTHING about how to use the list we already have.

On the verge of dumping Klaviyo.


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Hi @Anna Zuckerman,

I’m sorry to hear about your frustration on this issue. Allow me to help clarify a few things.

You can think of the “Profiles” tab in Klaviyo as a preview of recently added profiles to the account (since it only displays 50 profiles at any given time). It also contains the total number of active profiles in your account at the top-right which includes people who may only exist in Klaviyo but not Shopify and vice versa. Also, importantly, for users who sign-up through a Shopify form when you have double opt-in enabled in Klaviyo, if they don’t confirm their subscription (as per the double opt-in requirement) they’ll sit in Profiles but not the list. They’ll only be added to the list when they confirm their subscription via email. The only way to “extract” Shopify-only profiles from “Profiles”, is to create a segment of users based on some criteria i.e. Placed order at least once over all time (say, if you wanted to grab everyone who placed an order in Shopify), turn that segment into a list and then re-import that list into your main Klaviyo list.

A much simpler solution (since it sounds like the goal is to grab all Shopify sign-ups and add them to your list), is to export signed-up users from Shopify, and import them into your main Klaviyo list via a .csv file. That will ensure any current sign-ups who are sitting in the “Profiles” tab are squared away in your Klaviyo list. It will ensure that all profiles from Shopify are added to your Klaviyo list. Next, enable single opt-in for your Klaviyo list, when the user signs-up through the Shopify sign-up form, they will both A) be added to the “Profiles” section and simultaneously be added to the list you designate in the Shopify integration settings (no opt-in confirmation step). 

So the only two action items needed to ensure users who sign-up via Shopify are directly added to your Klaviyo list after the Shopify import are to a) ensure you have single-opt in enabled for the current list and b) ensure you have that same list selected in Shopify’s integration settings (screenshot below).

Also, when you import the Shopify .csv file, we will not create duplicate profiles for the user even though you’re uploading an email address that already exists in Klaviyo. Likewise, you only need to import the “Email Address” field in the .csv file into Klaviyo, we will retain all other information about the profile (Placed orders, custom properties etc.)

I hope that helps address your question. Thanks for being a member of our community.