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  • 16 June 2022
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My team is trying to send out retention based messaging to our customers, reminding them to pay their bill, submit necessary documentation etc. In the event that a user signed up for 2+ plans but used the same email address, is there a way to distinguish these in the email? 


For example, say individual A bought 2 plans, 1 for themselves and 1 for their child, using the same email. When the plan for their child is about to expire, but not thier own, how can we send a reminder to renew that specific plan? 


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Hi @pbhall,

I would suggest working with some customization and profile tags to sync this information.

i.e. One profile that has “expire date plan 1”, “expire date plan 2” and so on.
product (or subscription) plan A, product plan B…


Hope it helps

Omar Lovert
Polaris Growth