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  • 24 October 2023
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We are new and are trying to sync our subscriber list from Shopify to Klaviyo. Sync for both sides have been enabled.

In Shopify we have 2467 subscribers, in Klaviyo it appears we have 2550. We downloaded the file and realised 83 of them have the status ‘NEVER_SUBSCRIBED’. I believe these are Shopify non-subscribers that have been synced to Klaviyo newsletter list, please enlighten how did this happen and how to resolve? 

Thank you.




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Hi @asleyn, welcome to the community!


Klaviyo will sync profiles with Shopify that have not explicitly opted in to receive your marketing emails, since a fundamental piece of the Shopify integration is enabling you to send transactional and post-purchase emails like an Abandoned Cart or Customer Thank You flow.


If you’re wanting to focus marketing emails for campaigns and non-order-related flows, the best thing for you to do is to maintain one “master” list. That should be where your signup forms/ optin forms sync new subscribers to, and it’s also what your Shopify subscribers from places like the checkout page should be synced to. Then you can create a segment based on IF someone is/ is not in the Master list, and is unsuppressed/ accepts email marketing. 


That will be the best way for you to prevent people who have that “nonsubscribed” status from receiving emails they didn’t opt in to receiving. 





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Hi Gabrielle,


Thank you so much for your help. I am still confused about the difference between ‘Accept marketing’ and ‘Newsletter’ list.


We have created a sign-up form in Klaviyo for ‘Newsletter’, and our Shopify subscribers are also set to sync to Klaviyo newsletter. There are now 83 ‘NEVER_SUBSCRIBED’ status in Klaviyo newsletter list that was synced from Shopify subscriber list, what are they?





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Hi @asleyn 

To build on the great response by @ebusiness pros and hopefully clarify further.

  • When a contact adds their details on Shopify, the standard integration means Klaviyo creates a unique profile
  • When a contact opts-in to marketing via Shopify, they have a Shopify attribute set to 'accepts marketing' = true. They won't get added to a Klaviyo list unless sync is enabled.
  • When a contact opts-in to marketing on Klaviyo via a form (or import), they are added to the list they are subscribing to, and their email status is set to 'subscribed'. Again, that subscribed status won't update their 'accepts marketing' in Shopify unless sync is enabled. 

With the Klaviyo/Shopify bi-directional sync you keep these two platforms linked:

  1. Contacts opting-in on Shopify are updated in Klaviyo as 'subscribed' and added to the Klaviyo list you choose in the sync settings. 
  2. Contacts opting-in on Klaviyo are set to 'subscribed' and added to the list they are subscribing to. Their Shopify 'accepts marketing' will also be updated to 'true'

However, this sync only works from the time you enable it.

If your 2,467 Shopify subscribers are all opt-ins, I wonder if the 83 contacts showing in Klaviyo as 'Never subscribed' have opted-in to marketing on Shopify before the sync was enabled. You can check this by looking at those 'Never subscribed' profiles to see if they have 'accepts marketing' = true in their custom properties panel.

As @ebusiness pros  says, it may also be that these contacts have added their details in Shopify but not opted in via Shopify or Klaviyo. In which case, their Klaviyo profile will show 'never subscribed' and 'accepts marketing' = 'false'

Hope that makes sense and helps!



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Thanks for jumping in here with the helpful additional context @bluesnapper! Do you have any remaining questions now @asleyn


~ Gabrielle


Thank you @bluesnapper for your great clarification!


Upon checking, these 83 contacts are purchasers who had not ever opted-in in Shopify. Their Klaviyo profiles have full details with events history, but status is 'Never subscribed' and 'accepts marketing = false’. I just do not understand how they are in ‘Newsletter’ in Klaviyo when they had not opted in.


Would you recommend downloading the list to clean up and uploading again, or is there any other way?


Thank you both @ebusiness pros and @bluesnapper!


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No problem @asleyn 

With the sync configured, those contacts shouldn’t be added to your Klaviyo list unless they’ve opted-in either via Shopify or Klaviyo. 

Have they been added to the list via an import by someone with ‘No, import without updating subscription status’ selected? That would add them to the list but their email status would be ‘Never subscribed’.

Have you tried submitting test emails in Shopify and Klaviyo form? Both opt-in and not. Then check the status of those submissions.

If none of the above identifies anything untoward, I suggest contacting Klaviyo support to see if they can shed any light on this.

If you then believe the 83 contacts have opted-in, you could re-import them into your list with ‘Yes, update subscription status for all imported contacts to 'subscribed'. However, I would play it safe and get explicit consent by sending them a ‘re-opt-in’ campaign. Rather than get them to resubmit their email, I’d create an opt-in confirmation landing page, then a segment of people who clicked ‘yes’ (to the opt-in landing page url), then export/import that segment into your list with ‘Yes, update subscription status for all imported contacts to 'subscribed'. If you have double opt-in enabled for your list, you should temporarily set that to single opt-in for that import.

Let us know how you get on 





Hi @bluesnapper,


I don’t think so, the one possibility I can think of was during import, perhaps the parameters were mapped incorrectly, or the data type was not chosen correctly (eg: text or consent or boolen)?


We have tested with new opt-ins and they seem to work fine.


Now I could not figure out how to delete the 83 non-subscribers from the Newsletter list, as new import would not override but add on? Any thoughts please?


Thank you again.

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Hi @asleyn 

Unfortunately, I believe the only way to remove contacts in bulk from a list is by using an API. 

Unless someone on here has an alternative solution (or Klaviyo support), one option is to remove them from your list individually (below).

The only other method I can think of is to create new lists and do some exporting/importing but that may take longer/be more error-prone than manual removal.

Sorry that I don’t have a better response for you! 



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Hello @ebusiness pros I have a similar but slightly different problem.  I am a new ecommerce shop and as such have few emails.  That said, trying to get ahead of things, I have set up klayvio on my square site (for now) but had a section for email newsletters sign up and discovered to my surprise there were already a few names on that list.  When I set Klayvio up those names were brought forward as profiles telling me they weren’t subscribed.

I moved them individually to the Newsletter list and have created a SignUp discount code & Welcome flow for that list.  I did a test on me and the trigger worked well for me.  I’m not seeing that the emails actually went out although I can’t tell.  The dashboard is saying now I have conversions but no click thrus.  One of my connections said they never received the email (she was on that profile list).

My questions are:

How do I tell if emails were actually sent out to those profiles I switched into the Newsletter segment and

How do I tell if their status has changed from profile to subscribed just by my moving their name to the Newsletter segment.  I’m not sure the flow was triggered in other words.

Thank you!