new leads are not transferred

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Hi all, 


i have a zap in zapier that should transfer new fb leads to my list in Klaviyo. it was working since yesterday. but it stopped suddenly. i checked the task limits in zapier, contact limits in klaviyo, and I’m not close to the limits. 

i made a new zap but it didn’t fix it. 

does anyone has any suggestions?


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Hello @tyler0032,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I would first suggest double checking to make sure Zapier is connected to Klaviyo without any issues. Since the connection was developed by Zapier themselves, you may also want to check in with their support channels for more details.

In my experience, another common cause to this behavior stems from Zapier’s limitation on not having any list-bombing protection in place. Because of this Klaviyo may sometimes see a large influx of subscribers from a singular source as suspicious and block the IP. Both @cassy.lee and myself have explained this in further details in the Community posts below:

I hope this helps!


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Hi @tyler0032, just to chime in here, as an alternative solution, have you considered using the Klaviyo Facebook Lead Ads integration?  It’s a direct way to get the FB Lead Ads contacts into a Klaviyo List (without Zapier). 

Take a look!

Hope this helps!