New Shopify newsletter subscribers not syncing on Newsletter list

  • 3 April 2021
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Hi there, 

Hope you are well and safe. I have recently synced Shopify with Klaviyo by following the instructions found online. Within the integrations> Shopify section I have clicked the option “Subscribe contacts who opt-in via Shopify, such as during checkout or with a Shopify footer form. Please see below:

With this option clicked, I would expect to have any new subscriber who signs-up through the Shopify footer form automatically added on my Newsletter list. However, it does not seem to be the case. I have tested with a testing account and the email address that I use to sign-up on Shopify goes straight on to the Profiles section in Klaviyo but it does not get automatically added on the Newsletter list. 

I have been reading on these forums and it seems that the most common reason why this happen is having double opt-in enabled. I can confirm this is not my case because I have selected single opt-in for testing purposes.

I have also read that for those people who use a 3rd party Shopify theme, there needs to be a little snippet of code added on the HTML of the page but I assume this shouldn’t be the case here because my theme is Shopify not 3rd party.

If someone could shed some light here, it would greatly appreciate it!




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Hi @Carlota,

Another thing I’ve noticed that can block Shopify footer forms from routing to a Klaviyo list is if you are switching from MailChimp to Klaviyo. There is a setting within Shopify where you direct your Shopify forms to a list in MailChimp. You will need to remove the MailChimp list from that setting and then the Klaviyo integration setting that routes opt ins at checkout to a Klaviyo list should take over. 

I hope this helps!


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Thank you Julie! We are not switching from MailChimp so that’s not our case :) 

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Hi @Carlota,

Thanks so much for sharing the steps that you did take already, and exploring the Community for some solutions.

You mentioned that you tested this list subscription with a test account - just out of curiosity, is this a new test account you are using, or a profile that might already be captured in your account? We recommend that when you test emails, be sure to append with a “+test” at the end of your email. For example, or

I would also verify that your test email address contains a custom property “Shopify Tags” with the value of “Newsletter”, after filling the Shopify form. This is required to subscribe them to the list. 

Can you please attach a screenshot of your profile inside of Klaviyo and a screenshot of the embed form in question? Please exclude any sensitive information like your email address, other email addresses and any names.

Thanks, and looking forward to your reply.


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Hi Dov, 

Hope you are well and thank you for your assistance! I was trying a personal testing email address that I have to be able to also test the double opt-in and the confirmation email address. 

I have followed your advice and done a couple of tests with the email address and I can now see the email addresses added on both the profile and the newsletter section. I can also see that you’ve done a couple of tests and I can confirm that the test email addresses have also been added on the profiles and the Newsletter too. I can also see that they have the Shopify tag on.

I’m not entirely sure why it wasn’t working a couple of days ago as I have changed anything. The real testing email address I used to sign-up it is not working now though but I wonder if it is because I deleted the profile from Klaviyo. Anyway, at least I can see that the forms and integration is working as expected! :)